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CHRONOMETRIX is the straightforward and stylish way to manage your projects and tasks. It’s a Project Management Software that will help you all the way to get your work done without any chaos.

The first page of Mobile application that will show up when we click the Chronometrix icon is the splash screen, as shown in the image beside; it stays on screen for few seconds and then takes you to the login page.

Signup & Login

Sign up:

For those who don’t have account. it will help you out to create Chronometrix Account. sign up form will allow you to create company in Chronometrix.

The Sign up screen will have fields (Full name, Company, Email ID and Password to be filled to get the company registered with chronometrix.

Any New Company who wants to access the chronometrix they need to fill up the Register form and submit it to Citadel Infotech to provide them access to chronometrix.


For those who already have chronometrix account. it will help you out to get log-in to Chronometrix application. here, you need to fill your Email Address & password. After filling these information, it will take you to company link up page.


Manage, control and connect Projects from Anywhere!
  • Easy managing of the projects
  • Easy steps in creation of new projects.
  • Elaborate view with start /end date and people involved in it.
  • All project on one page & list view available.
  • A great tool for searching or analyzing past Projects.
  • Easy access to the project.
  • Just one step to add people to the project.


  • Easy creation of task
  • Add estimated completion time to each task
  • Assign tasks to one or several people.
  • Attach files and comments to a task.
  • Set task priority and percentage complete
  • Notify people about a task.
  • Email your tasks to a project
  • Keep tasks private to individuals


Easily identify project milestones within a project by setting any task to be a milestone. It will display differently from normal tasks making it easy to identify and it will automatically be updated in the Gantt charts as a milestone as well.

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